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Tape and C.D. Records is a small promotional group that predominantly helps indie and experimental bands tour in South Korea and also elsewhere-Boston, New York/Eastern U.S., China-Japan-Taiwan, Europe. It also sets up local shows for interesting bands and musical acts, as well as people in other art forms, either in Korea, coming there, or in the aforementioned places above.



Shalom Salon (Germany)

Anonymous Dog (Boston) 

G.T. Arpe (head of "Tape and C.D. Records")

Tape and C.D. Records on facebook:


Recent tours 

Stuart O'Connor-solo acoustic act with loops from UK.

Jiku55-noise dominatrix duo from Japan.

C-Drik-noise act from Berlin.

Sindre Bjerga-noise act from Norway.

Saphy Vong/Lafidki-electronica act from Cambodia

Alpine Decline-2 piece indie from China/USA. 

Pop Campaign-electronica act from the UK. 

Hyenaz-experimental techno pop/dance/performance act from Berlin via USA and Australia. 

True Story of the End-Italian one man band act. 

Absent Warrior-Noise electronica from NYC.

April 2015-Mary Ocher-solo keyboardist, etc. act from Israel via Berlin.

May 2015-The Smashers-d.j. group from Austria.

July 2015-Dolfish-Ohio, USA singer songwriter indie two piece.  

December 2015-True Story of the End, 2nd tour.

Summer 2014-Greem Jellyfish, dance tech/experimental.

March 2016-Phedre, electro pop act.  

December 2017-Cannonball Statman, folkie/lo fi act from NYC. 






Past events

Cover me-A series where each act covers 1 or more songs by other acts playing.

No Power-Taken from event in NYC. No electricity for performers.

Low Power-Same idea with minimal power/equipment. 

Round Robin-Taken from events held in Baltimore by Dan Deacon/Ponytail etc? by way of Super Color Super in Seoul. 

Choose Your Own Concert Adventures

*These events are put up on the tapeandcdrecords facebook page from month to month.

Upcoming events: 

See facebook "Tape and C.D. Records" page for local U.S.A. events 

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